I am broadly interested in the analysis and design of multi-agent systems. In particular, I am fascinated by large-scale networks of intelligent agents sharing, exchanging, and competing for resources. Some key features of these networks are:

  • the agents autonomously make intelligent decisions based on incomplete information;

  • the underlying network greatly influences the interaction among the agents.

Correspondingly, a recurring theme of my research is to

  • understand how to make decisions from the agents’ perspectives;

  • design the ‘‘playground’’ of multi-agent interaction from the network operator's perspective.

I strive to understand the fundamental limits of these systems, develop scalable, optimal decision making rules for the agents, and provide insights on efficient system design for the network operator. I leverage tools from optimization, game theory, and reinforcement learning, and more importantly develop new tools, since existing tools are often not applicable.

I am interested in and have worked on a variety of applications, such as

  • wireless networks (e.g., 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), device-to-device (D2D), wireless on-demand networking)

  • smart grid (e.g., electricity markets, demand response)

  • socio-technological networks (e.g., sharing economy, crowdsourcing).